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Search For Books : Search millions of out-of-print books offered by thousands of booksellers all over the world.

Enter search terms in one or more of the fields below and then click the GO button. Fewer terms entered will usually result in more results. Click HERE for search tips.

Title:  Tip:Try ONE title keyword & ONLY the author's last name!

Please note: the books offered on this site are all generally secondhand and used, though many will also be in near new condition. Click on the book title in the search results to check the full description.

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NEW!We now accept credit card payment by phone or fax as well as offering the National Secure Internet Payment Service; cheques/money orders in Australian dollars can be posted. These payment options are offered after you create an order.

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Here's how to use the Out of Print Books Finder :

Clicking the helpdirectory book or the 'HELP & HOW TO' button gives you pop-up help as you choose from the books found.

'Power Search' - clicking this option on the left bar allows you to customise your search with additional criteria including 'Publisher', 'Binding', 'Edition', etc - even to set your price range.

Please Note: All items listed on BibliOZ are offered SUBJECT TO BEING UNSOLD or otherwise unavailable. Items listed are drawn from the databases of the individual supplier dealers and cannot be guaranteed as available due to the books usually being on sale in open shop environments also. Refunds are processed promptly for any items not able to be supplied. All items are sourced from the secondhand or antiquarian market so books will not be new unless described so.

Still not finding your choice among the more than 15 million books in stock with these dealers throughout the world ?
Don't give up hope, use the experience of the professional online used book searchers at BiblioQuest International.
Its free to fill in their form and register your search request.
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Use this link to the world's libraries to check author, title, year of publication etc. Or find out about other titles by your favourite author or on your subject of choice.

Bibliothèque Check

National Library of Australia
Search the National Library of Australia Catalogue
National Library of New Zealand 'Te Puna'
Search the National Library of New Zealand Catalogue
Library of Congress
Search the Library of Congress Catalogue
The British Library
National Library of Canada/ Bibliothèque nationale du Canada

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